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Loggy log log ~ Done in AIM and cleaned up!~

Who: Peeta and Jo
Where: In the kitchen (with the candlestick)
What: Rambly touches on friendship and past events in both lives.

**Peeta is cooking in the bakery when Jo settles in a corner with one of her journals. Her bird, sadly, has other ideas and finds himself covered in flour and awkwardly trying to escape a bowl**

Peeta: Yes, please don't let him drown, *Peeta would be pretty upset if he baked him into a pie. Heh.*

Jo: ...hard to miss a raven in a bowl *sifts flour off bird*

Peeta: What, you don't want to hear about blackbirds baked into pies?

Jo: Munin is just a year old and my responsibility. Added in the fact I do love him. *That was the FIRST TIME she could ever say she honestly LOVED SOMETHING*

Peeta: *odd look* It's just a bird. You eat birds. Or they die down in the mines.

Jo: I am intimately aware of the historical role of avians as it pertains to humanity but that is neither here nor now and I shall remove myself before I cause undue discomfort to you. *wordier the more upset she is*

Peeta: *blank stare* He didn't get baked into a pie, though! It's just a children's rhyme. Like the mouse and the clock one.

Jo: It is not the rhyme I took offense to, but the attempt to downplay the role of a very important being in my life. I'm rather certain without him I may have been more inclined to sociopathy. *EVERYONE HAD THEIR BUTTONS OKAY?!*

Peeta: ....You would have gone crazy without your bird in your life?

Jo: *long, quiet stare* Likely. Imagine, if you would, a life where nothing and no one was allowed to matter from the time you were very small. Then add in the fact that the full life history of every dead and ghost you traveled near then resided in your head. It seems emotion and attachment allows an anchor. Munin was my first anchor in what most would term reality.

Peeta: Why weren't they allowed to matter?

Jo: It wasn't the 'done' thing. *bitter bitter bitter words* And later it was a matter of survival and protection. We are from very different worlds you and I, and the people in mine...were not kind. For the most part. I do not suggest my parent's ideals of success and high society.

Peeta: ...Maybe not so different. *small smile* I'm sorry for questioning it. I didn't realize how much he really meant... why he means so much to you.

Jo: I meant no disrespect to your own world, merely to say that the forms of cruelty and deprivation may be so vastly different as to be unrecognizable. *quiet sigh* Besides, the children's rhyme is also a ghastly thing, really, if you must tease use something a bit more eloquent? *careful, quiet teasing*

Peeta: It's okay, really. There's a lot to disrespect with it. *soft laugh* I don't really know a lot of children's rhymes. Or any rhymes, district twelve isn't really known for... that kind of thing.

Jo: I could teach you...most of them if you truly wanted. Most of their history too. It's strange what people think should be passed to children sometimes.

Peeta: That'd be nice. I don't know if they're the same... the history, if it's the same. All my parents passed on to me and my brothers was how to bake bread without burning it!

Jo: One can probably assume they're not the same...but stories are stories in any clime, and so I can be your storyteller when you wish. *grin*

Peeta: What do you want in return? I can't just let you... do whatever without giving back.

Jo: I am not looking for a trade *chuckle* You...I enjoy your company and you allow me to stay in it.

Peeta: But that would happen anyway. *a pause* ....Do you know how to cook? Or bake? I could teach you how.

Jo: And storytelling is something I do naturally so it is no hardship! I...can make myself camp meals.

Peeta: Well, baking is something I naturally do, and camp meals... I don't know what those are, but they don't sound good.

Jo: They are a rough parody of cooking one can learn alone when camping on the moors. Oatcakes, travel bread, soups and such things prepared together over a fire.

Peeta: ....So, simple heating things up to eat?

Jo: ...close to *grin* I'd be delighted to learn some simple staples? Cookies, I hear, are a requirement for people to learn.

Peeta: Cookies are the best thing to learn first. And you can frost them! When I was little, my father used to bake me and my friend, Delly, dough girls and dough boys, and he'd let us decorate them with frosting... I remember that clearly...We can start there!

Jo: Yes sir! *cheerful salute* Do you declare us even then? And still friends rather than people trading upon each others skills?

Peeta: I considered us friends even before this. *smiles*

Jo: I...*distracted, odd look* ...can get disconcerted when people insist on balances and payments.

Peeta: ...Oh. *frowns* It's the first time owing something, that first thing is always the hardest to pay back.

Jo: It is more how I was raised.Conditioned to always look for an angle and leverage *wry chuckle* My apologies. I do try not to allow my childhood to influence me, and I perhaps have spoken more with you about it than most. I shall endeavor not to make you uncomfortable

Peeta: You really haven't made me uncomfortable. Curious, actually! Really curious. And, um... don't worry so much, okay? At least on this stuff.

Jo: Oh dear, curiosity, how ever shall we survive such? *still a wry smile*

Peeta: It always does kill the cat. Good thing I'm not a cat, though! And not a Mockingjay, either.

Jo: The full saying is that satisfaction brought it back though. And you've mentioned that several times, what is a Mockingjay?

Peeta: I didn't know there was the rest of it! *laughs* A Mockingjay... it's something that was never supposed to exist. I don't know... in your world, do you have scientists? They make... things in labs?

Jo: In my own world a scientist is anyone who explores science, it's a profession much like any other and not just about making things. And yes...I'm pretty sure no parent wants a child to know the rest of the saying, it keeps them in line better.

Peeta: *nods* Well.... back home, there are scientists from the Capitol. Back during the Dark Days, when the districts rebelled against the Capitol, and then thirteen was destroyed.... it's complicated history, but the Capitol created these birds called Jabberjays. They're birds that can remember entire conversations.

So they would send the Jabberjays out, and they would listen in on the rebels' conversations, then go back to the preserve or whatever they lived in, and then the scientists would have them record the information on tape, and the Capitol used that against them.

...What's funny is that once the rebels found out, they fed the Jabberjays all misleading information, so the joke was on the Capitol.

That meant that these birds, these Jabberjays, that can mimic human speech perfectly, right down to how someone actually sounds... do you understand? You could listen to... to me, but it's all coming from a bird.

...Anyway, the Capitol shut down the birds homes, and so they assumed they would die out, because all Jabberjays are male. But they didn't die out. They mated with female Mockingbirds to create this entire new breed that wasn't ever supposed to happen. So, Mockingjays are everywhere. They can sing, not just bird whistles, they can repeat back songs, notes, just not a lot. Not conversations.

Jo: No, there is nothing like that where I'm from...and poor little Munin will always sound like himself when speaking, that I can likely promise. I hope I shall know your own voice over a birds should such ever be necessary to decipher

Peeta: ...You wouldn't. Not unless you saw the bird. That's what they did in the 75th Games and we. We. *getting agitated* We didn't. I could hear the screams but I should have followed I didn't follow I should have... I should have gone with her, I could hear her sister screaming and I couldn't stop it I didn't know I thought I-- *goes and bangs his head into a wall*

Jo: *follows and...slides her hand between his head and the wall after the first slam* That sounds much like war to me, rather than Games. Games are intended to fun, to be relaxing. You suffered, and that is war no matter what it may have been called. And...terrible things occur in war.

Peeta: *keeps his eyes closed* The Games are war. Twenty-four kids go in, one comes out the victor. That's it. They do things and they make you do things.

Jo: May I give you a hug?

Peeta: ...You're not afraid of me squeezing too hard?

Jo: No, I'm not *takes that as permission!*

Peeta: *sort of stiff but eventually relaxes into the hug* Thank you.

Jo: *finds herself petting Peeta's back gently and just...continuing hug...* You'll tell me when I'm suppose to let go? Sorry, I've only hugged my quadmates before really.

Peeta: Usually people know when to let go. *gives it another moment and then goes to pull away*

Jo: *wry smile* Generally, with Amber, it's when she needs her knife back. *lets go*

Peeta: Oh. *smiles* Thank you for... blocking my head.

Jo: I prefer my friends unhurt...and I happen to like your brain as well. *pokes his forehead gently* Feeling a little better?

Peeta: Yeah, it'll be okay. I have a hard head. *he does wince though*

Jo: Let's not test that hardness too often? *settles back at her corner with journal* Friends seem hard to come by

Peeta: I'll try, I promise.

Jo: All I can reasonably ask. *small smile*